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Budget Expectations

It is not a wise idea to invest alot of money into a first guitar not knowing if the person is even going to like or stick with it. This is why most choose the cheaper acoustic type over the electric which costs more and requires an amplifier and cable. However, many guitar stores offer starter guitar/amp packages at very reasonable prices.

The Decision

Now that you have been given some things to consider, it is time to decide which guitar is best suited for the person it is being purchased for.


If the person is easily frustrated and/or listens to and wants to play "rock-n-roll" music, then the electric guitar is definitely the best choice. However, if the person wants to learn songs to sing along to and has a tolerance for harder learning techniques, then the acoustic may be the right choice. Once the decision is made then take a look at the next page for some recommendations and great deals on some specific guitars to buy.