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Choosing a Guitar and Learning

The most important consideration to make when deciding which type of guitar to start out with is deciding what type of music you want to play. If you are interested in strumming chords to your favorite songs then definitely go acoustic, But if you want to play rock and roll music then the electric is of course the logical choice. Just remember, choosing the wrong one will end up with a lack of interest and less motivation to play it regularly.

Attention Parents: (this also holds true when picking out a guitar for your child. Try to pick out what THEY like as opposed to what YOU like !)

Depending on the personality and capability of the person learning to play may play a part in deciding which type of guitar to start on. Those who get discouraged easily if not seeing results quickly may want to choose the electric due to its smaller size, easier to press down strings, and naturally will see "basic" results quicker. A low quality acoustic guitar can make it virtually impossible for a beginner to progress quickly. Avoid cheap pawn shop acoustics - a slightly more expensive guitar will pay off in the long run.

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