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Guitar Lessons

I have not yet developed pages on this site dedicated to lessons but there are links to several very good ones found in the Guitar-Antics Forums under that category. Check back for that here in the future featuring my own "guitar riffs" downloadable for your listening and learning pleasure !
Until then here are some answers to some frequent questions I am often asked:

Do I have to take lessons to learn to play ?

That would depend upon the individual. Some people have a more difficult time than others and take longer to learn what some may pick up very quickly. I personally learned to play by"ear" meaning I watched and listened and figured it out on my own. Most experts (including myself) will say this is the best method, but of course I have taught people with no musical talent or "ear" for music whatsoever to play simply thru lessons, memory, etc.

When should one start taking lessons?

Sooner the better. Just like training your dog, the younger the mind is exposed to it, the sooner it is learned, and you are never too old.

How often should the lessons be?

This depends on the individuals desire and patience to learn. Kids often have little patience as results dont happen quickly for young beginners, so I recommend once or twice a week until you see how they react. Adults however should get as much as they can possibly absorb (or afford) !

How long does it take to "get good" ?

This varies again upon the individual. I remember when I was in my teens, having started at a very early age had been playing for several years, meeting people who had only been playing half of that and they could play way better than me. Just like school kids, some people learn quicker than others. It also boils down to how much one practices. The more you practice at anything, the better you get at doing it.

How much does it cost ?

The costs of lessons greatly varies upon where you get them. Most popular music stores that offer these services charge around $60 per hour and the lessons are usually 30 minutes each visit about 4 times per month on average. I have seen ads in newspapers for less and even for free (often wondered if they were predators) but I personally charge $30 per hour with lessons lasting 1/2 hour at a time at least once a week.

How do I know if I should consider lessons for my child ?

Music is one of the best forms of expression there is, and it releases stress and tension, and makes lifelong impressions on all it touches. I recommend exposing kids to all kinds of music and making a variety of instruments available to them and see if they take interest in any. If so, then let them take some lessons, if it goes somewhere , then their life (and yours) will be enriched by it, if not, you at least had a babysitter for a while !