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Sometimes the news just sucks

Filed under: Guitar-Antics,Music News,RAT's Personal Blog ! — rat September 13, 2008 @ 5:45 am

I am sorry it has been awhile since my last post, of course it’s not like very many people visit this blog, ha ha, but recently the news has just been so depressing it’s just not easy writing about it. It seems all I hear lately is bad or sad news. Issac Hayes passed away at age 65 on Sunday August 10, 2008. I can remember him from the 70`s some of the best years I have memories of, his Academy award winning theme from ‘Shaft’ not to mention the career stretched far beyond soundtracks. For much of the 1960s and into the ’70s he was one of the principal songwriters and performers for Stax Records, the trailblazing Memphis R&B label, and in the 1990s he revived his career by providing the voice for the amorous and wise Chef on the cable television show “South Park.” Seems he was found next to a running treadmill, most likely a heart attack. sad news indeed.isaac hayes

Then there was the news of Jerry Reed passing way.Brings back memories of Amos Moses, The Bird, When you`re Hot you`re Hot, She got the Goldmine, I got the shaft, the list just goes on and on, not to mention all the tracks of him and Chet Atkins, who was his mentor, what an artist and guitar legend. One of my guitar heroes, was not good news to me at all. His parents separated 4 months after his birth and he and his sister spent seven years in foster homes or orphanages and he used to run around playing the guitar and was quoted to have said “”I am gonna be a star. I’m gonna go to Nashville and be a star.” Reed was reunited with his mother and stepfather in 1944. Music and impromptu performances helped ease the stressful times the new family was under.After a two-year stint in the military, Reed moved to Nashville in 1961 to continue his songwriting career, which had continued to gather steam while he was in the armed forces, thanks to Brenda Lee’s (my cousin who shares my last name, Tarpley) 1960 cover of his “That’s All You Got to Do.” He also became a popular session and tour guitarist. In 1962, he scored some success with the singles “Goodnight Irene” and “Hully Gully Guitar,” which found their way to Chet Atkins, who produced Reed’s 1965 “If I Don’t Live Up to It.” Such a unique hybrid style of ‘Swampabilly, Rockabilly, Cajun’ style of playing he created; I remember “Guitar Man” and sitting for hours as a kid trying to duplicate his licks, he will be sorely missed by this guitar player for sure. Seems he died of complications due to emphysema (smoke smoke smoke those cigarettes people). jerry reed

Then there was the death of the wife of a Trail Angel friend of mine, Gloria Peoples, who died suddenly of cancer, wife of Bob Peoples who has done so much for the Appalachian Trail community that I am so close to. Also another close friend of mine who hiked the whole trail back in the 90`s whose dear canine friend “Nicky” who hiked at least 1000 miles of it with him, including parts of New Hampshire recently died basically of old age. Such a dear friend, such a perfect dog, the world wont be the same without her. nicky

Not to mention the recent gas prices, hurricanes and presidential election issues that are going on right now, nothing positive in the news that I can find. When I hear something good I will post it here asap, until then keep you chin up, things will have to get better to get worse ! HAIRNT !

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