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No Child left behind ? Yeah right !

Filed under: RAT's Personal Blog ! — rat July 28, 2006 @ 10:15 pm

I guess by now everyone has heard of this “No child left behind Act” signed by George W. Bush in 2002.It may be working in other parts of the country, but it sure isn’t working here in the Washington County, Tennessee school system.
Not to be mistaken for the Johnson City school system which has a better system due to more funding, staff, etc., but the kids here in the county are being left behind bigtime.It is blamed on lack of staff and resources due to lack of funding, but I think it’s just a poorly designed system to begin with. Once the kids get on the 8th and 9th grade levels, if they act up, cause any trouble for any reason, after a few times they are suspended and sent home for up to 10 days. Doesn’t matter if they are Special Ed with Learning Disabilities or not, they get sent home and eventually get expelled, or worst case scenario, put into states custody.

Most of these kids have underlying problems such as ADD, ADHD, personality disorders, dyslexic, depression, troubles in the home, you name it. They have legal rights to an education but this system just suspends them and sends them home. Well hey, that’s what they want !! Soon as they figure this out, they act up more just to get sent home !This causes undo stress and financial troubles for the parents. It’s hard to hold a job when you have to keep going to school to pick up your misbehaving kid because he/she is acting bad on purpose because they know they will get sent home. Then there’s the courts system to deal with in some cases. Their idea of an alternative school is one room full of all the mean kids. All they have to do is act up the least little bit there and guess what ? Yep, sent home for few days and if it happens couple times, you are told that your child can’t come back.

This goes against everything this NCLB Act is all about.In the city alternative school, there is at least enough rooms to keep kids in with their own age/grade level and have city police there at all times as well as a good incentive program where the kids are given the oppourtunity to earn points for good behavior, doing work, etc., which in turn are spent for priviledges such as free time, getting chocolate milk instead of plain at lunch, etc. It works much better. The county high school behavior modification class is one small room with nothing in it (since the kids have destroyed everything) where they are allowed to do almost anything which includes sit and do NO work and there is no consequences other than failing grades. Of course if they break the behavior rules they are suspended.

It is my opinion that if these kids were treated more like the city system, there would be less suspensions, better behaviors, and work would get done. These kids need to be shown that no matter what they do, they will have to stay in school and get an education until they are old enough to quit on their own. If this means locking them down when they act up, losing all priviledges then whatever, soon as they see they wont be sent home but instead get put into a solitary condition with nothing, then most will give up, settle down, behave and do some work to earn the rewards.

The problem is plain and simple: there are NO rewards at school and most times at home to make the kids want to do anything positive. And since there is nothing but trouble kids in these classes, there are no positive influences for them, therefor they just pick up more bad habits. The teachers are nothing more than babysitters for these teens until they get sent off or reach the age where they can quit. I am speaking from experience and have seen way too many kids slip thru these cracks this past year and only wish something could be done to change the system. Only please don’t sell our national forest land to pay for it !


  1. Hello and thank you for your post.

    I\’m going to be upfront and honest. I\’m writing this post because I feel very strongly about ADHD. You might or might not be interested at all but here me out.

    A couple of years ago my little one was diagnosed with ADHD and thus began my journey for a search for a cure. 2 years later there is no \’cure as such\’ but there has been plenty of information that helped my child.

    I would like to share this resource with you and your readers if you would be so kind as to allow me to.

    Enough of my ranting, thank you for listening.

    Comment by adhd specialist — September 20, 2006 @ 5:45 pm

  2. Excellant insight look forward to reading more very soon!

    Comment by Adhd — December 28, 2006 @ 5:21 pm

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