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Rat News

Filed under: Guitar-Antics,RAT's Personal Blog ! — rat October 26, 2008 @ 12:30 am

Lots happening around the Rat’s Hole lately. I have been trying a low carb diet since June 17, 2008 and so far it has been 4 months and I have lost 35 lbs ! From 236 down to 201 and I can’t wait to see under 200 ! No Atkins here, just no bread, sugars, or anything with any significant amounts of carbs and eat plenty of anything else ! I have also tried to walk 4 miles every couple days in about an hour but lately have also been doing some hiking in the form of work trips to my trail section of the AT and I also recently went on a 4 day trek for my birthday in Sept./Oct. You can see photos of the trip from Devil Fork Gap to Allen Gap (20+ miles) here: .

My last work trip on my part of the AT was on 10-15-2008 starting on the summit of Big Bald on the last 80+ degree day of the summer and I painted some blazes all the way to Spivey Gap. It was a most awesome day with some wonderful Fall colors. Photos of that trip can be seen here: .

I have also finally basically finished my dune buggy project, at least its on the road now. Still some minor things to be done over time, but it’s getting cold now and it is out of the garage and has a new home under the porch as seen here: .

I have started a new project with my 1967 Chevelle Super Sport which after many years of sitting under a tarp out back, and much work, is now in the garage and ready for my magic to be worked on it. You can follow this project here: .

Other than that it’s the same routine of working 6pm to 3am for , spending alternate weekends with my kids in TN. and my girlfriend in Virginia, and taking care of my dad and the property here. I did manage to get out last night and jamm with the Jones Boys Band : .

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