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The party after the party !

Filed under: RAT-Tales ! — rat July 26, 2006 @ 5:02 pm

As with most bands that stay overnight in motel / hotel rooms, there is usually always the “party after the party”,,,,,

Now this can mean either the band parties together with friends made at the club after the show and/or that one of the rooms is used for couples wishing to “do their own thing” ! I can remember vividly on one such occasion when we planned to play a practical joke on one of our band members by telling him there was going to be some hot chick meet one of us in “the room” for some “good times” and that if he wanted in on it he should get there first and be waiting naked in the closet ! Later that night after the show, the rest of the band and several “club aquaintances” quietly snuck into the room and got into position before turning on the lights and quickly opening the closet door to reveal this very surprised and slightly embarrassed person! Everyone had a good laugh including him as he dressed himself and joined the “party after the party” !

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